I have been taking photographs since the beginning of my university studies, and to this day, it remains my favorite artistic activity. Whether I choose film or digital, it all depends on the mood I want to convey in the picture. I find joy in capturing candid shots of people going about their day, as well as dynamic scenes of urban life and awe-inspiring nature landscapes. Capturing the core of human experience is just as important to me as capturing the beauty of our natural world.


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2013

Kid playing with vapor water

Rimini - Italy, 2022


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2014


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2013


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2014

In Zen Buddhism, there is a concept known as 'satori', which refers to a moment of sudden enlightenment or awakening, when we become fully aware of our existence and interconnectedness with everything around us. As a photographer, I have found that the practice of photography allows me to slow down and take notice of my surroundings: people, colors, light and shadow, movement and stillness, the air I breathe and the ground I walk on.

In this way, photography can become a form of meditation, a way of finding peace and stillness in a busy and often chaotic world. It also helps me to cultivate mindfulness and awareness in my daily life, even when I am not shooting.


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2014


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2013


Waterdroplets in a mushroom from the banks of the Isar river  - Germany, 2021


Constellation of papaya seeds from my kitchen - Germany, 2021

A photograph reflects the impermanent nature of existence and serves as a reminder to savor each moment as it arises. As a final insight, I come to see that every moment is eternal in its own way — complete, whole, and imbued with its own unique meaningfulness.


Milky Way shot from the Atacama Desert - Chile, 2014


Atacama Desert - Chile, 2014


Atacama Desert - Chile, 2014


Kartitsch - Austria, 2022


Alpsee, Hohenschwangau - Germany, 2021


Innsbruck - Austria, 2020


Atacama Desert - Chile, 2014


Atacama Desert - Chile, 2014